Automatic Mobile Phone Signal Booster

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Automatic Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Automatic Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Code No:- SB05

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Automatic Mobile Phone Signal Booster

1. About Star Mobile Phone Signal Booster
Cell phone becomes especially helpful when people get into critical situations. In case of emergency a timely call can save a life. Unfortunately, there are still some places where one can find themselves - out of coverage. Usually those places are either too far from the cell phone base station or located inside underground constructions, for example: parking lots, tunnels, big stores, office buildings, cars, boats, house in remote areas, etc. signal booster Here we will bring you a new kind of LED signal booster. Welcome to buy!

2. Features
High-gain linear power amplifier.
ALC and AGC function technology.
Ultra-low noise receive amplifier.
There is no interference to the base station, right after the opening of the original system and the base station without the need to adjust parameters.
Stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design.
The base station dose not cause an increase in background noise, but will not lead to a decline in the quality of the base station communications.
With full-duplex communication mode.
It explores an effective and reasonable method to dispel the heat.


 Model No


Parameter data



Frequency Range

890-915 Mhz.

900-1800 MHZ


Output Power 

20 ±2dBm

20 ±2dBm


65 dB



Wide Band

Automatic Gain Control


Ripple in Band


Intermodulation Products


36 dBm


30 dBm

Spurious Emission


36 dBm


30 dBm

Noise Figure @ max. gain

6 dB




>50000 hours

Power Supply

AC:90~265V, 50/ 60Hz;DC:12V 2A

Power Consumption

< 20W


50 ohm

Mechanical Specification

RF Connector



Heatsink Convection cooling

Dimensions (D x W xH )

198*182*20 mm



Installation Type

Wall Installation

Environment Conditions



< 90%

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 55°C

4. Installation Steps
Use your mobile phone to test signal strength outside house or on roof, -70dBm is the basic requirement (full bar).
Install outdoor antenna in that location and keep adjusting, point it to signal tower station, try to get best signal.
Run outdoor coaxial cable into building in a convenient location to connect with signal repeater.
Mount your indoor antenna with signal repeater.
Power up signal repeater device to check the signal inside, moving outdoor antenna until you get satisfied signal.

5. Accessories

6. Our Mobile Phone Signal Booster Comes With One Year Guarantee
You are looking for good job and your telephonic interview is going on, suddenly your call is disconnected and you lost a good opportunity just because of bad network and you damn this worse mobile network , then in this condition you switch from one network connection to another network connection for getting better signal quality , but the problem remain same, well it is not permanent solution of your problem, well each problem has solution you just need to find an deliberate way to resolve your problem, so to get rid of worse signal network use mobile phone signal booster, this will solve your problem permanently.

So what is going on your mind? How will you get mobile phone signal booster? Well you dont need to worry because Action India Home Products feeling pleasure to introduce the Star Mobile Phone Signal Booster in Delhi India. We are leading dealer, supplier and manufacturer of Cell Phone Signal Repeater in Delhi India.

Cell Phone Signal Booster is device which is used to amplify the signal of mobile phone; this gadget is similar to broadcasting tower, used for broadcasting but the mobile phone signal booster smaller in size, so you can implant it for personal use. Actually you will not found any particular reason for bad signal, there is several reason for bad network as bad weather, dead zone etc. However problem can solved by installing the signal booster in your home and office. People who lives in village they often face bad network connection in cell phone because the number of mobile tower in villages are very less and more ever the distance between the tower is large so significant amount of signal is reduced .Well either you are in rural areas or in city you will face the same problem, in metro city like Delhi signal is interrupted because of large building and metallic structure. Nevertheless this problem can be solved by installing the cell phone signal repeater.

You can found different mobile phone signal booster as 2G mobile phone signal booster, 3G mobile phone signal booster, GSM mobile phone signal booster and CDMA mobile phone signal booster, you can order Star Cell phone Signal Repeater in Delhi by online or offline from our shop at reasonable price.

This device has great feature, it can cover area up to 3000 to 5000 sq ft, which is just equal to an area of apartment and beauty of this device is that it can amplify the signal of multiple mobile phone at same time, this device is wireless so it is convenient to use , the advance model of the cellular repeater is compact so you can equipped in Automobile and it is not affected by the climatic change and other variant which are main cause of obstruction in signal . You can found wide range of Star Mobile Phone Signal Booster in Delhi India at best price form our online and offline spy store.

Most of the battery of the cell phone depreciates while searching the signal but you can avoid this problem with cellular booster and you can use your cell phone for long period of time, you can chose cellular repeater amongst 2G mobile signal booster, 3G mobile signal booster, GSM and CDMA mobile signal booster, you can by Mobile Phone Signal Booster in Delhi from our online and offline store .

Action India Home products has been working in field of mobile phone signal booster and spy gadgets form past two decades , you can best assured for quality, we check our product thoroughly before it sent for the shipment , our team will also give you live demonstration of product at absolutely free of cost and satisfaction of customer is our top priority, so don’t waste time place your order as soon as possible for cellular repeater and solve your call dropping problem permanently.